Yaluronica | Antiage, antioxidant, firming, moisturizing and shaping
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FarmaCell introduces its new Yaluronica line
The new Yaluronica® line is the result of research conducted by Farmacell, a Calze G.T. Srl brand that has always been dedicated to designing and manufacturing highly-advanced garments for the medical and cosmetics industries. Together with the important partnerships that the company has formed with highly-regarded international partners, the technological know-how that it has acquired through its continuous investments have allowed for the development of the yaluronica product line, with its antioxidant, firming, moisturizing and shaping properties.
Italian style and design
In addition to being comfortable and highly-effective, Yaluronica® garments are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, and feature a stylish and elegant look. Thanks to the fine materials utilized and the refined elastic finishing, the garments are extremely comfortable and can be worn discretely beneath regular clothing.
Beautiful, younger-looking skin and a slimmer body
Upon making contact with the skin, Yaluronica® products immediately begin releasing hyaluronic acid in a constant and gradual manner. In addition to the incredible anti-aging effect, you’ll notice the first results of the product’s moisturizing, firming and anti-oxidant action within just a few days time. The restraining and body-moulding “Shape” effect immediately renders the body more slender and shapely.
The properties of the fiber
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